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The perfect Holiday gift

We are in the depth of it, the Holiday season. And for so many of us this includes buying and giving gifts. Which means searching for just the perfect gift for our friends and family members. Some of us really enjoy this process. The challenge of it so to speak. And you might even enjoy going from store to store with thousands of other people, looking and searching. But, for some of us this is neither an activity that we ...

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Letting yourself off the hook

Just the other day I was talking to a friend about her plans for the  upcoming Friday evening. She told me about an event she felt she “should” go to, but then she pretty quickly added that she has been letting herself off the hook lately.

As she said this I immediately recognized the need for us all to “let ourselves off the hook” on a regular basis, and perhaps more so during these Holidays then ever. I remembered how I ...

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