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One step

Some days what is needed the most, is one step.  One little step that then can be followed by another little step. And yet another.

It is what it takes to get out of bed. To make a cup of tea. Get into the shower.  To get dressed and to move towards my  responsibilities towards others and myself in one given day. And if I keep taking that one little step, at some point, there seems to be some sort of ...

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The Day I Lost a Sandwich

I was moving through my regular morning routine which includes making lunches for my two teenage boys to take to school. It all starts around 6am and I will admit that I tend to many different tasks between then and 8:15 when my younger son takes the bus. Except for school lunches there is breakfast being made for all of us, and depending on the day there is laundry, paper work, emails, accounting etc.

This particular morning, the week before my ...

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Catching up with Fran


Fran called me on Wednesday evening. A week and a half had passed by without me speaking with her. The last few months no more than a week would go by in between our phone calls or meetings, so she had been on my mind the last few days. Our conversation was short, she wanted me to know she wasn’t in a good place. That day there was suddenly no energy to stand up that morning. Hospice had been contacted ...

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