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Practical preparations for death

When I wrote the February newsletter we were in the midst of a snow storm here in the Nyack area. After that it snowed a few more times, keeping it white and bright around us for most of February. But then it started to shift last week, the warmer sun has been patiently melting the snow away. There is still some on the ground, but soon, it will all be gone. The birds are definitely fully aware of the shift ...
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Living with intention and consciousness

Over 30 years of practicing and teaching I have had several teachers guiding me on my journey. Some of them face to face, others through their writing or recordings. A few have had a major impact on me through their guidance both on and off the mat, and I am forever grateful for how they led me on a journey of curiosity and exploration, patience and humility.
In my role as a teacher they have also helped me with language. Sometimes ...
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Our last Savasana

My first teacher made it clear that Savasana, or Corpse Pose, is a very important posture to practice. It’s the pose that the majority of yoga classes end with, lying down, well supported with an open chest and heart. He explained that leaving a yoga class before Savasana, or cutting it short, was not a choice to make lightly. But to save those occasions for when it is necessary. He also pointed out how the pose is considered a very advanced ...
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