Lena grew up on the west coast of Sweden, where she spent her childhood immersed in the world of music.  After many years of enjoying playing the violin and the trumpet she made the difficult decision to not continue on the path of music, but to attend The University of Gothenburg and acquire a Master in Law.  Her journey within the world of law did not last long; shortly after graduating, she moved to New York City, with the intention of experiencing a different part of our world as well as a different way of life.

Her path took her to the Swedish Institute, our country’s oldest school for Massage Therapy, where she was trained as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  She was invited to join the faculty and spent several years teaching Swedish Massage, Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine.

Lena’s journey on the path of yoga started before her move to the States; she picked it back up in the Big Apple. She started teaching Yoga in 1996.

At the core of her practice, as well as her teaching, lies a belief in self transformation through self observation.  The physical body and the breath are excellent tools for practicing concentration, presence and relaxation, which can then be used to observe the habits and workings of our mind.

When we become aware of our own habits, be it in the physical body or in our mind, then there is awareness, which leads to change.  She hopes that all of her students can experience this state of relaxed awareness, so they can live their lives to the fullest and unveil their own potential.

Lena finds the human body fascinating and remarkable, and uses her thorough knowledge of anatomy and the energetic workings of the human body in her teachings.  She considers the practice, art and science of yoga an intelligent practice that promotes physical, emotional and mental health, coupled with an open heart.

Lena has been inspired by teachers like BKS IyengarRodney Yee and Krishna Das. Rodney is still an important support in her own practice and she has had the honor to be his teaching assistant on several occasions. She is also a grateful mother of two sons that continue to be her biggest teachers. Lena enjoys teaching smaller weekly classes in Nyack mixed with larger workshops along the East Coast.

Lena is delighted to introduce the path of Yoga to anyone interested. No matter someone’s reason to try the practice, she knows that Yoga will have its way with everyone!