The Power of breath observation.

Within the practice of Hatha and Ahstanga yoga lies Pranayama. This is the part of the yoga practice that uses our breath. This practice can be as simple as watching your own breathing and different aspects of the breath, or much more complex as creating different lengths of inhales and/or exhales and creating pauses within a breath cycle as well. The beauty with this practice is how powerful it is, even in it’s most simplest of variations. And I always ...

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Presence of mind and a sense of happiness.

I have been working as a Yoga teacher and a Massage Therapist for a few years now, and I always get elated when science catches up with longtime human knowledge. It’s very helpful as such a large part of our country’s population will never listen to me, a Yoga teacher, but they are much more inclined to listen to a scientist, like in this case, Matt Killingsworth.

Matt has done very extensive research that clearly shows the fact that we human ...

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The Freedom of Letting Go

Here I am, in front of my key board, writing a blog for the first time. This blog has come into my life as part of my new web site being constructed as I write this. I was encouraged by the professional team that is responsible for making my web site become a reality, to write my first blog for the launch of the site. Now, I have always enjoyed writing, especially writing about what I do as a professional ...

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