Letting yourself off the hook

Just the other day I was talking to a friend about her plans for the  upcoming Friday evening. She told me about an event she felt she “should” go to, but then she pretty quickly added that she has been letting herself off the hook lately.

As she said this I immediately recognized the need for us all to “let ourselves off the hook” on a regular basis, and perhaps more so during these Holidays then ever. I remembered how I just a few days earlier had come to the point where I simply had to “let myself off the hook”, from trying to fit all that I felt necessary into my week, as I had come to the point where it showed to simply be impossible. I was faced with the fact that if I want to stay healthy, as well as sane, I had to accept that I can’t do all that seems to be needed to be done, and that I at this time can’t fit in what I used to fit into a week. I had to reevaluate and start over, yet again. And I let myself off the hook from all the tasks that would have to wait until another time.

I realized as my friend used those words, that we are really the only ones that can let our selves off the hook. No one else can do it for us, even though we might choose to believe so…. It’s all about choices. Our own choices. Do you want to run around crazy with your breath caught in your throat, tight shoulders and possibly a brewing head ache? And with a sense that there is never enough time? Or will you choose to weed out some of those shoulds, do less and enjoy life more?

Do your self a huge favor. For the sake off your physical, emotional and mental health.  And for your friends, family and coworkers that have to live with you pushing yourself beyond what’s possible to do with ease and grace…..Let yourself off the hook! And do it again, and again, as often as needed.