One step

Some days what is needed the most, is one step.  One little step that then can be followed by another little step. And yet another.

It is what it takes to get out of bed. To make a cup of tea. Get into the shower.  To get dressed and to move towards my  responsibilities towards others and myself in one given day. And if I keep taking that one little step, at some point, there seems to be some sort of momentum building, where each step might not have to be taken fully as consciously, they sort of happen by them self at that point. And I am able to move through my day and tend to what needs to be done.


This is what it takes sometimes when life is so very painful or simply so very hard. And sometimes it is.


I am amazed how much power there is in one little step. And another little step. And yet another…..


I don’t want to ever forget the power of one little step.