Presence of mind and a sense of happiness.

I have been working as a Yoga teacher and a Massage Therapist for a few years now, and I always get elated when science catches up with longtime human knowledge. It’s very helpful as such a large part of our country’s population will never listen to me, a Yoga teacher, but they are much more inclined to listen to a scientist, like in this case, Matt Killingsworth.

Matt has done very extensive research that clearly shows the fact that we human beings are happier when our minds are present with whatever we are doing. In other words, when the mind is not wandering, when we are engulfed in the task at hand, we tend to feel happy. Not only does his research show this fact crystal clear, but it also shows that it doesn’t matter what we actually do, we still feel happier if we are present with the task, then if we are day dreaming about the most wonderful vacation spot we could ever imagine. Even if you are doing something you find tedious or dislike.

So in other words, practicing focus and concentration, like we do in the different parts of yoga practice and in seated meditation practices, brings a heightened sense of happiness into our lives.

It’s nothing new, it’s old knowledge, but now it’s been scientifically proven!

Do you need any other reason to practice?????

You can watch Matt’s TED talk right here.