Searching for balance – a never ending process.

Searching for balance – A never ending process.

I constantly search for a sense of balance in my everyday life. Between work, housework, grocery shopping, cooking, tending to the needs of my children, walks, yoga postures, seated meditation, breathing, hanging with friends and family, listen to music, read a book and so much more. And why do I search for a sense of balance? Because on the days I create balance between doing and being, between doing for others and taking care of myself, life is so very enjoyable, rich and full of ease.

But it’s an ongoing process that never comes to an end. It’s not like we can reach a state of balance and then there we are, forever living a balanced and easeful life! Balance is not a state that can be attained and acquired. It’s a process. We fall in and out of balance constantly. Just like when we practice a balancing pose in Yoga. Like when we stand on one leg in tree pose. It’s so obvious in a pose like that, how our physical body keeps adjusting our balance so not to have to put the second foot down. Small adjustments that happen all through the standing foot and lower leg, every single moment, that all together keeps us balanced, or not, standing on one foot. And there is no difference in how we live our everyday lives. All depending on what comes our way in one single day we have to adjust and respond appropriately so not to become overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted and sick.

Our bodies do this inside us at any given moment, it constantly works to bring our whole being back into inner equilibrium. It’s natural for us to do and we call this process Homeostasis. Every single organic life form does this; it’s an important part of nature. We constantly change and adjust among all the different physical processes in our bodies, to bring us back to balance. Where there is ease, fluidity and health.

Just the other day, a Friday morning, I was looking ahead at my list of all the things I wanted to fit into that one day. There was work, there was house work and shopping and there was a visit to a dear old friend who is recovering from deep abdominal surgery. I knew it was an impossible task to do it all, and I did wish it wasn’t. So I went through my mental list again, and I eliminated what wasn’t as important as other things until I had a list that I realistically thought I actually could carry out in that one day. And then I had the insight that made the biggest difference that day. I realized that to do all that I needed to slow down even more throughout my day. And I simply new it was true. It might seem counterproductive when you want to get it all in to your day, to deliberately slow down even more then usual. And as anyone around me knows, I am all for slowing down, on the Yoga mat and off the mat. But, by slowing down even more it made my day enjoyable. Instead of rushing from one part of my day to another, I was present for each, and I made sure to take a little time in between each event so I could transition, not to feel like I was rushing.

It worked beautifully! I did fit in the realistic list into my day, and did not end up stressed or worn at the end of the day, and I very much was able to be present for my clients as well as for my wonderful friend. And presence, when we are together with another human being, is after all what makes all the difference….