The Freedom of Letting Go

Here I am, in front of my key board, writing a blog for the first time. This blog has come into my life as part of my new web site being constructed as I write this. I was encouraged by the professional team that is responsible for making my web site become a reality, to write my first blog for the launch of the site. Now, I have always enjoyed writing, especially writing about what I do as a professional Yoga teacher. It lies so close to my heart, I love sharing its wisdom and depth. But it’s different when I know I “should” write then when I simply feel like it, or something “needs” to be written down. So I am delighted to say that this morning served up the perfect life experience for me to use for this blog!

Now, before I go any further, please keep in mind that English is not my first language, Swedish is, and that I am not having someone edit my writing. So please smile, or even laugh out loud, if you find it appropriate in response to my grammar or spelling. I certainly do that myself on a pretty regular basis! I hope you can see past any language glitches and share my intention behind the words.

I have been teaching Yoga since 1996. 17 years of teaching several classes a week. I love it and learn so much from it! And this morning I was teaching my second class of two on Thursday mornings when something happened for the first time in all these years. I really truly messed up! Now, I am not talking about messing “someone” up, but as I was moving my students through a series of postures that is called a Moon Salutation, suddenly when I had them turn the right foot out, I had half of the students facing forward in the room, but the other half, facing back! And this was not intentional! They were all supposed to face in the same direction, and that is the way it has always worked out! Now it is a while since I used this kind of routine, but still, I have done it many times over the years….I had a moment of disbelief and then, then came the wonderful part! I smiled and laughed out loud and asked my students how on earth we ended up this way! I continued to have half of them turn around and told them that it would be just fine and we simply continued. This might seem like no big deal at all to you, especially so if you don’t know a thing about a moon salutation, but you see, it was a big deal!

You might understand my point if you compare it to something you do, that you care highly about, that involves other people, and that after all, pays your bills. The wonderful part is the fact that I laughed and simply moved on. I know that if this had happened 10 years ago, I would not have taken it so lightly. On the contrary, I would have been hard on myself and probably tried to figure out how on earth this happened for a long time after class was already over. As well as probably feeling that it shouldn’t have happened.

What I was given this morning was the opportunity to see how I wasn’t holding on. Not holding on to the outcome of what I was doing. Not needing my teaching to turn out a specific way or for everything to be just right. I had let go….and I could laugh about what we probably are likely to call a “mistake”, laugh together with my students and move on.
There is such a freedom in letting go. To understand that we don’t know how anything in fact, will turn out. No matter how much effort we might put in towards moving it in a specific direction. Be it work, relationships or every day plans and activities. When we understand this and also are able to be at ease with this “not knowing”, there is peace, and wonder, and delight in the magic of Life….

I hope that you can look at your own expectations, throughout your day today, in small and big matters, and possibly find the way to let go, and as I did, laugh!

Lena Madsen, LMT and Professional Yoga Teacher in Nyack