The perfect Holiday gift

We are in the depth of it, the Holiday season. And for so many of us this includes buying and giving gifts. Which means searching for just the perfect gift for our friends and family members. Some of us really enjoy this process. The challenge of it so to speak. And you might even enjoy going from store to store with thousands of other people, looking and searching. But, for some of us this is neither an activity that we much enjoy nor do we enjoy the challenge of coming up with “just the right” present. It doesn’t mean we don’t want to find that gift that lights up a smile on the receiver’s face , but it just feels more like pressure with a high likely hood of failure then an exciting adventure…On top of that some of us has totally had it with the consumerism that comes with these Holy Days, which leads us to feel less then Holy, but more materialistic then ever…….

If any part of this rings true to you this blog might be for you. Because it became very clear to me last week, how easily attainable that just perfect Holiday gift is to all of us. You can’t even bye it in a store or wrap it in present paper. Because I am talking about YOU! Your truly unique expression of being human that only you can share with your friends and family. That is by far the most valuable gift we can ever give. Your undivided attention to another human being, perhaps through action or perhaps by simply being still and present with them.

So if you can’t come up with that just right present this year, know that you already have it to give at any time. And it’s free, and your loved ones will always appreciate it….